Friday, December 31, 2010

Birds to take such a sky


Last Days

They arrive on wings of the sun to bleed
blue across channel waters. Silver never
found birds to take such a sky as this. All
they have promised, they have delivered.
All they have delivered, they have withheld.

I was given to an autumn’s day when gold
wanders too close to alchemy and fire, when
slain leaves fall to wither and waste and
what stirs in the hearth spits blood into
the eye of whatever god dares gaze down.


These are the last days when the inexorable
finality of things come to pare their toll, exact
what will never be rendered unto Caesar or
queen, sweep away the very wind from your
roof to scatter grimacing devils gathered there.

Have them then, each to the hilt of their tender
dregs, one upon the other, dawn to the dying
of the dark dawn, for they will have you. Take
what is yours to take for they will take what is
theirs to be taken. Surrender then to this and live.

Joseph Gallo
December 31, 2010



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