Monday, May 07, 2012

Furniture angrily moved


God In Bakansas

They all talk about him. Pretend to know him, to know
his will for them. Contention makes its points and few
seldom agree. Canes tap along the unmarked path,
nothing sounds back, nothing with feel or texture.

One would think a god would make it easier to find him,
opt not to set bear traps and deadfalls, but such is not the
case. His ways are tried and truthless, bending to the will
of no man save he that would bend will to his own ways.


Such is the nature of coexistence. One god comes to
dismiss the many, the many fight to contain the one,
and around and around we go. Verse and citation rise
to rally surge and storm, roil and coil to throw his
mighty weight about like furniture angrily moved.

This happens when one purports to know what cannot be
made to know. So the suit of faith is dealt each table and
it must needs be enough. Beware anyone saying more or
less than this. They, like me, are likely dealing snake oil.

Joseph Gallo
April 26, 2012



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