Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The star we send on its way


For Rudy & Anita

Let us wander here to be still for the moment,
rest where the sun nests among the heavy stones
whose slow dissolution is invisible to our notice.

Let us here make a prelude to a vow to hold this
time together, our space conjoined within the
emptiness that gives rainclouds such deep fertility.

We will lift red glasses here, the bleed of breath
blown to new fire from the blood of grapes, share
quiet words that taper slowly into this natural silence.

Sit here and swoon, the world a blurred kiss below
us, the sea a cobalt gem of twilight catching all
we cannot keep in this fleeting reflection of it.

Here we leave all we take with us, the being
there, the parting, the star we send on its way
that it may return this time to our reawakening.

Joseph Gallo
October 15, 2012



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