Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tiny as they are

 photo Quailings1.jpg


June again and spooked quailings scurry the oleander.
Vigilance comes standard in the new models, tiny as
they are, plenty of room for paranoia ensuring that
every possible thing from sky or earth is accounted for.

Buffalo trees graze on dew from coastal morning plains.
Somewhere overhead two hawks screech, redtailed as
they are, leave bloodtrails in the circles of their soar,
imprecise patterns understood by both poets and prey.

Summer stands poised as a cobra to set it all aflame.
We will tend to our business, go our ways, busy as
we are, come together and depart, fill the hours with
longing for one another, watch skies from the oleander.

Joseph Gallo
June 5, 2013

 photo Quailings2.jpg


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