Friday, December 20, 2013

A proven balance of temptation

 photo Birdsummon1.jpg


I would summon birds then,
from the very folds of the sky,
call them forth to do what
they will when so summoned.

Feathered things, they will
inquire with hesitance, at first,
until the lure of hunger slips
the dagger deftly in to perch.

I would summon these birds
with the siren of a feeder,
hung from the under-trellis,
a proven balance of temptation.

 photo Birdsummon2.jpg

They will fall before me for
I am a god this day, provider
of all that will sustain them,
keeper of life until the sun dies.

As dusk arrives, something else
will call them forth from my hand.
It will be silent, black, filled with
deep down and drear, like sleep.

Released, I will turn back for my
door, make lights, forage food,
sit before a meager table, lift the
weight of a world beyond myself.

Joseph Gallo
December 14, 2013

 photo Birdsummon3.jpg


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