Monday, March 07, 2005

Keeping the light for our return

And now for someone and something completely different. Switzerland 2003. Two years ago on this very date Nicole and I drove to Ulrichen in the Swiss Alps, to her Uncle Nick's chalet where we stayed for two days and nights. Such a romantic chapter in our story.

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It was the day after Fasnacht ended and we drove from Luzern to Realp , across the Teufelsbrücke (Devils' Bridge) where we caught the Furkapass auto-train that carried our little red Toyrusta straight through the heart of a mountain. We held hands and kissed in the stony darkness of the 15-kilometer tunnel wondering how many babies had been conceived in the history of this romantic 20-minute passage.

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Here are some photos with their appropriate captions.

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Nicole atop Eggishorn with Matterhorn
in background. (The Swiss call this famous
icon, the Matterhorü).

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The front porch of Uncle Nick's chalet in Ulrichen.

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Hotel Walser located just down the langlaufe from the chalet. It is just visible among the stand of trees behind and to the left of the hotel. (The langlaufe is the night-lighted cross-country ski path).

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Joseph standing before the 21 million-ton Aletschgletscher.

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Nicole's hair of rivered embers ignited by the fireplace.

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The two of us relaxing in the warmth of the sun
with a Rivela & beerli.

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Nicole by firelight.

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On top of the world with a smile of genuine, unaffected happiness.

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Nicole asleep after a very long day holding some
candy red wax lips I brought for her from America.

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The morning we left for La Gruyères to see the famed H.R. Giger Musuem. I imagine these chairs placed this way always, keeping the light for our return.


Blogger laprincessa parried...

You are both just SO cute!

March 08, 2005 9:20 AM  
Blogger edieraye parried...

The picture with her hair is wonderful! And so like you. To see the beautiful where others might see the ordinary, capture it, polish it, and then share it.

March 12, 2005 7:21 AM  

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