Thursday, January 24, 2008

With whatever might remain of grace


Dying Alone In Italy

Perhaps I’ll die alone, in Italy, no one within range of my missyllabic tongue, and even if there were, my calling your name would sound of gibberish like a man whose head is being held underwater while reciting an alphabet of fishes, the secret sounds given them before water has its way with their breath.

Who will know what I am thinking, some attendant who would rather be anywhere else but in a room that groans and moans with the weight of a mal-lived life pressing against a conscience pricked by memory and all the blood required in living it into remembrance.

I will hear the light falling embered behind trees that line a black horizon, note evidence streaming through a window onto a bare blank wall, scent hope in something I may never see again. I will hate you for it, perhaps, while you swab my mouth with saltless water and feed me hollow hours you have no right to hold, but there they are, nonetheless, slipping firmly through your hands.


Maybe I will die in a crowd in Barcelona, just as alone, your initials on the tip of my forgetting, your mouth in my mind the moist cave of a forgotten sea that washes through some break in my confusion where we are together and wet, tumbling in a curl of blue crescent begun years before and half a world away while I lose my way on some calle or avenida, rain on slick cobbles, the air thick with a future like your womanly form I will never embrace.

So with all choices abandoned or claimed by those with color left to paint banners with them, I will leave this world and it will leave me. This is written in the hours left me and cannot be altered by any means, under any circumstance. We will say goodbye with whatever might remain of grace, if not dignity; with whatever passes for humanity, if not enmity, if I am still capable of such pretense.

And in that hour there will be bells pouring through the bright canals and I will be as present as the air, and then not. In that hour, all other hours will cease and the sun will finish falling to rise again just as it does everyday no matter who might be left to see it do but that.

Joseph Gallo
August 19, 2007



Anonymous Anonymous parried...

Ok, I think I've given you ample time to reconsider your re-entrance to RP without my pestering.

YOU, my friend, are desperately missed. I can't tell you how often I fondly think of you. Come home Joseph, I miss you. RP isn't the same without you.

January 30, 2008 9:01 AM  
Blogger Joseph Gallo parried...

Uh, well, er, uh . . . maybe I should just PM you and catch you up on why I am far too busy and simply haven't the public interest there anymore.

Yes, that is the proper thing to do. Like I care about proper & RP. ;-)

January 30, 2008 12:51 PM  
Blogger billie parried...

Joseph, I just awarded your blog a "Spread the Love" award at camera-obscura - you can come over there to click on the image if you'd like to put it here - or not!

Mainly I want you to know how much I enjoy your writings and images here.

Thank you!!

February 07, 2008 3:37 PM  
Blogger name of the rose parried...

... the sound of falling light, the scent of hope, Tuscany or Spain, infinitive notions of time in words ... yours seems more like a becoming than a goodbye, and if so, what comes next?

February 09, 2008 5:14 AM  

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