Wednesday, March 06, 2013

While I keep vigil

 photo Naturalogue1.jpg


Thrasher says: Lone coyote hunting in the meadow.
Roadrunner says: Day is seizing the oaks—am I alone?
Quail says: You eat, while I keep vigil.
Crow says: Just passing through; give me no grief.

Coyote says: I hear you down there, burrowing vole.
Aloe bloom says: I am here, bees and hummers.
Snail says: Race to shade for the star that kills arrives.
Moon says: For you, I set; for them, I’ve yet to rise.

Water says: I will take what night leaves down into earth.
Oak says: Drink deep, my slow limbs shelter and endure.
Meadow says: All that is possible shall through me pass.
Poet says: In this way, I take sustenance; seek to thrive.

Joseph Gallo
March 2, 2013

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