Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Everything that comes to claim you

 photo Winter-End1.jpg

Winter’s End

Though you would never know it was ever here—
birds in their indefatigable industry, flowers erecting
bright new towers to surrender to summers to come.

No snow ever fell here and little rain. Winds run
down from the high chaparral like spooked rabbits
all the way to the sea that soaks it up like dry honey.

A roadrunner coos and struts about the house, lizards
and snakes hanging limp from his bill, proof of his
prowess in courting prizes for some yet unfound mate.

 photo Winter-End2.jpg

Wild rosemary breeds new bees and hummingbird
moths eat what the dusk leaves open through the
moon-dipped night, pollinating the high starblooms.

Scatter when the big wings roost the oaktops and mind
the deliberate migration of long shadows. This is your
fortress against everything that comes to claim you.

Joseph Gallo
March 19, 2014

 photo Winter-End3.jpg


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