Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another coincidental multiple


Not One Of Those Days

To worry about headlight oxidation the
man at the gas station hawked some aero-
sol cleaner about, or fuss about percentage
calibration of my inexotic molecularity—
am I enough oxygen, carbon, hydrogen?
Equal parts longing and love?—or palpitate
over splits in my boxers after barely six
months wear, or agonize over ambient
freeway noise drifting up the acres from
three miles away, or exfoliate over rampage
murders happening somewhere across the
continent, or arc a brow over it being sixty-six
degrees exactly on the eleventh of November
or that the temperature is yet another coin-
cidental multiple of a prime number that has
counted me as its own since the day I first spat
water and instinctively converted nitrogen and
oxygen into carbon dioxide, fifty-seven years
ago this very day. This is not one of those days.

Joseph Gallo
November 11, 2009



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