Friday, June 29, 2007

Saturn's trot around the sun

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Just as it takes Saturn this many Earth years to traverse but once around the sun in its orbit, Happy 30th Birthday to someone whose rings shine as brightly.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beg death for your kiss

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Baiser Diabolique

When you do it like that the top of the plane opens up and
sucks out the stewardess who disappears into raging blue
and then comes quiet and I want more. Ice in a glass, an extra
bag of nuts, a smile not one other blur of flesh gets but me.

I want my face licked by your swan’s tongue and I don’t care
who sees. I want it and I shall have it if it takes another Rome
to the ground in ashes. Your hand unzipping me, hungry and
fumbling with a feigned ineptitude, the knuckled teeth nipping
at the pearly shaft that rises all the way to Heaven. I want your
wet purse open and plucking the lifeforce from me the way
they burn bodies by the Ganges before commencing them to
that diseased water of mud and pus and monsoon wailing.

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Unfold me with your cellophane mouth as the crinkle of lippy
flesh penetrates my stuffed ears in fat mallelujahs you trace along
the testament of my phallusory conception. Do me and tell me
you love me when you do, make me curse the skin I was born
to share with you because it is our way, our failed and naked way.

Come to me in the night not as a gale, but a shrike fleet and needle-
nosed. Show me how and why you make such ornaments of riseless messiahs. Make me beg death for your kiss, your terrible love-ransomed holy ogred Delphic yogananda kilocycled vestuary simian oracle kiss.

Do this and I will buy my soul back that I
might then give it to you of my own free will.

Joseph Gallo
May 31, 2007

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